Sikko   –   vocals

stuff:     SHURE SM 58

favorite song:     Bad Luck  (Social Distortion)

favorite album:     Rock’n’Roll Nightmare  (RKL)

favorite drug:     Brinkhoff’s No.1

about me:     „I’m into both kinds of music: Rock   and   Roll !!!“


Roman Rakete   –   guitar

stuff:     2x Charvel Desolation DS1 Les Paul (black & white), 1x Gibson Doublecut P90 Les Paul, 1x Duesenberg Starplayer Les Paul, 1x Gordon Smith SG. Duotone 100W Alltube Head, Marshall 4×12″ straight Cab (2x Celestion 65 & 2x Fane Medusa), Dunlop Crybaby Bass Wah (The white one), Dunlop Ultex Tri 1.0 Picks, Shure Beta-58

favorite song:     Shoot to Thrill  (AC/DC)

favorite album:     Electric  (The Cult)

favorite drug:     songwriting, BVB, Beck’s Beer

about me:     „Love what you do and do what you love.“


Elmaroxs   –   drums

stuff:     MAPEX Orion Ebony Burst: 22″ BD, 14″ HT, 16″ ST, 14″ SN, PAISTE 2002 18″ Classic Crash, PAISTE 2002 20″ Classic Crash, PAISTE 2002 14″ HEAVY HH, Zildjian Avedis 22″ Ride, Tama HP910LSW Speed Cobra Double, Vic Firth American Classic 5B Sticks, MAPEX / Pearl Hardware

favorite song:     #41  (DMB)

favorite album:     Reign in Blood  (Slayer)

favorite drug:     BVB 09

about me:     „Just walk beside me and you’ll know.“


Andy   –   bass

stuff:     Fender Squier P-Bass, Jim Dunlop Nylon Picks 1mm thick, Marshall DBS 7400 Head, Fender 4×10″ Cabinet, Trace Elliot 1×15″ Cabinet

favorite song:     Ace of Spades  (Motörhead)

favorite album:     Back in Black  (AC/DC)

favorite drug:     Science Fiction

about me:     „It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.“